Crab Catcher - M/V NEPTUN



The project for the modernization of fishing vessels is being carried out by order of the North-West Shipping Company (SZRK, part of the North-West Fishery Consortium).
The converted vessels are designed for the fishing of Kamchatka crab and Opilio crab (snow crab) using cone, trapezoidal and rectangular traps. The installed crab processing complex ensures the supply and acceptance of raw products to the working area of ​​sorting, manual sorting, processing, cooking, freezing, packaging and storage of the crab.
The processing capacity of raw materials is 30 tons / day for snow crab and 60 tons / day for king crab. The capacity for finished frozen products is 20 tons / day for snow crab and 40 tons / day for Kamchatka crab.
After processing and freezing of the catch, the products are stored in a freezing hold with a capacity of about 1750 cubic meters. m.
The strength of the hull and mast structures meets the requirements of the RS for ships mooring at sea with waves of up to 4 points inclusive, which allows the delivery of processed products at sea to refrigerated vessels when moored with both sides using cargo booms in storm conditions
Main characteristics:
overall length - 73.44 m;
width - 16.60 m;
board height to the main deck - 7.60 m;
deadweight - 2548 tons;
design speed - 12 knots
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class - KM AUT1 (REF) BWM (T) TMS Fishing vessel.
The proposed exploitation areas are the Northern Fishing Basin, the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea.
There is a hold for storing bait and rooms for storing containers and salt.
Accommodation for 40 crew members is provided in comfortable cabins, the ship has a wardroom with a separate self-service area, as well as all the necessary medical, sanitary and sanitary and hygienic facilities, in accordance with the requirements of the Sanitary Rules for fishing vessels.
The vessels are equipped with radio and navigation equipment in accordance with the class of the vessel and the intended navigation area, as well as with navigation and fishing equipment.