U - Type - M/V KAMILLA



The project of U-Type dry cargo is a new innovative multipurpose vessel. The ship is intended for sea and river transport, thus it should be suitable for transportation of general and bulk cargoes. The launch took place on 12 May 2020 in Istanbul, and on 8 September 2020, the ship was delivered to the customer.
Camilla is a unique vessel in its class. It was designed according to the technical specification by our partner VDenge Technology and built under the general management of our company. Dry cargo favorably differs from its competitors, which requires high energy efficiency and special technical solutions.


The features of the project are as follows:


-          Oversized cargo is carried without limiting the height of the cargo due to the position of the superstructure in the bow of the vessel.
-          The design of the ship allows converting it into a two-deck
-          There is a large deck.
-          Fuel consumption is reduced by 20% due to reduction of power of main engines, increase of container capacity by 2 times, increase of load capacity and improvement of hydrodynamics of the vessel.
-          The engine room can be converted to any type of fuel - natural gas, hydrogen or other analogue systems.


The main characteristics of the vessel are as follows:


Total length - 140.99 M
Width - 16.96 M
At sea:
Deadweight (DWT) - 9,200 t
Draught - 5.30 M


In the river:
Deadweight (DWT) - 5,200 t
Draught - 3.60 M


Crew - 12
Volume - 12027 м3
Container capacity - 530 TEU / 249 FEU


Power plant:
Main engines - 2 x 1030 kW
Speed - 10.5 knots
Navigation area - Unlimited