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Crab Catchers-1


Project name Crab Catchers-1
Starting date 28 Temmuz 2022, 16:43
Project Category Crab catchers
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Project Description

By order of the non-profit partnership "North-West Fishing Consortium", a project was completed to re-equip a medium-tonnage fishing trawler into a crab-catching processor vessel. The work was carried out in the Turkish shipyard in the city of Yalova. On March 30, 2021, the ship was handed over to the customer.

The converted vessel is designed for catching king and snow crabs with cone, trapezoid and rectangular traps. The trawler is equipped with all the necessary equipment for catching, processing and storing crab.

Project Features:
- The vessel is equipped with a spacious freezer hold for storage
- Productivity ranges from 20 to 40 tons of frozen products per day, depending on the type of crab caught
- The trawler is equipped with two stern booms. This allows you to transfer products to receiving and transport vessels when moored on both sides with sea waves up to 4 points.
- The vessel is equipped with an electro-hydraulic crane with three independent booms for working with traps
- There are also two auxiliary rotary cargo cranes on board. They are designed for processing traps, unloading products, loading bait in the port.
- Crabfish is equipped with a hold for storing bait and a room for storing containers and salt.
- Up to 40 crew members are provided on board. According to the project, comfortable cabins are made, the ship has a wardroom with a self-service area and other necessary premises for a comfortable stay

The main characteristics of the vessel

Total length - 73.44 m
Overall width - 16.60 m

Deadweight (DWT) - 2 548 t
Draft - 5.90 m

Crew - 40 people
Hold volume - 1750 m3
The capacity of the receiving storage hopper - 52 m3

Speed ​​- 12 knots

The ship's intended operating areas are the Northern Fishing Basin, the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea.