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About US
About US

About US

EPIC was founded in October 2018 in Turkey. The company specializes in the construction, modernization and repair of sea and river vessels. We provide design, engineering, consulting, project management and construction services to clients around the world.

EPIC is founded and managed by a team of highly qualified maritime professionals. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of marine engineering, ship building and conversion. Concept development, contracting and project management are carried out by this team.

We meet the expectations of our clients by fulfilling all our obligations by 110% on time and within budget. Flexibility, practicality and speed - it is for these qualities that our customers choose us for long-term partnerships.

2 key advantages of the company that are highly appreciated by our customers

Cooperation on EPC contracts

Under the EPC contract, EPIC assumes full responsibility to the customer for the implementation of the turnkey project, strict adherence to the work schedule and budget. The cost of the project is negotiated before the conclusion of the contract and is fixed in the contract.

Benefits of working under an EPC contract:
- You devote your time to other things that are important to you, leaving the development and full project management to us.
- The volume of financial investments is known to you from the very beginning.
- Time for project implementation is used efficiently due to clearly defined deadlines.
- Our company has full control over the project, which contributes to effective coordination of efforts.

The presence of a network of shipyards

EPIC cooperates with several shipyards in Istanbul and Yalova. Therefore, there is no need to be limited to the capabilities of one shipyard for the implementation of projects. Each shipyard has everything necessary for shipbuilding, ship repair and re-equipment of ships of any complexity. We have subcontractors who can meet any request from shipowners around the world.