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Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

  • Tarih:  2022 Temmuz 28, 22:48

EPIC provides services for the construction of standard and individual transport, merchant and fishing vessels. Our team manages turnkey projects. This includes:

- Concept development, design and engineering

The company offers both standard solutions and innovative developments that are most effectively suited to achieve your goals. On the basis of design solutions, a three-dimensional model of the vessel is developed, in which information about the hull modeling, equipment, ship systems and other necessary characteristics is clearly presented. Based on the 3d model of the vessel, detailed technical documentation is developed to control the production process.

- Selection of production site and work with subcontractors

After the design, EPIC experts evaluate the scope of work and choose the best place to build your vessel. When choosing, we take into account the specialization and profitability of the shipyard, as well as its location.

- Procurement of materials and equipment

We work only with reliable manufacturers and suppliers, time-tested. All materials and equipment undergo mandatory quality control and necessary tests.

- Construction management and technical supervision

The EPIC team has full control over the construction of your facility. Our specialists on the spot solve any questions and problems that arise. This ensures high quality work. We bear a high responsibility for the implementation of your project.

- Testing and commissioning

Once built, your vessel goes through a period of intensive testing and commissioning. Our on-site experts oversee the rigorous testing of all marine equipment.

- Delivery of the vessel into operation to the customer

After completion of construction and commissioning, we deliver your vessel to the location of your choice.

Meet with our team of experts to make sure your task is done in the best possible way.