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Design and Consulting
Design and Consulting

Design and Consulting

  • Tarih:  2022 Ağustos 03, 12:45

EPIC provides innovative and functional ship design services from inception to completion. From concept design, advanced structural design, Classification approval and nesting detail.

At the initial phase of a Project, concept design consolidates the Client’s specific requirements in preliminary feasible and design proposal.

Signing a contract is followed by development of a full basic design (which includes submitted drawings, calculations, reports from Classification Societies and Flag Authority).

General Arrangement

Accommodation Layout

Naval architectural calculations

Steel Plans

Engine Room Arrangement

Outfitting for cargo operation

Inquiry specifications

Scheduling of inquiry activities


EPIC’s detailed design contains precisely defined engineering solutions for construction and gives full and easy understanding of design items. 3D-model of detail design includes all data necessary for shipyard to follow up with its production design.


Our professionals can undertake commissions covering a broad range of marine consulting services. On-site supervision provided by qualified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers with practical experience.

Inspecting steel construction, outfitting,  electrical and machinery installations, coating applications.

Ensuring construction as per approved drawings/specifications and maintaining a high level of quality.

Completing the project and delivering it to Contractor.