At the end of December this year, a 1 + 1 contract was signed with DONMASTER LLC for the construction of ships of the O-Type project.

Dry-cargo vessel of O-Type project is a new innovative multipurpose vessel of “Volgo-Don Max” class. The project was developed by the design company VDenge Technology. The vessel is designed for sea and river transport, as well as for closed seas such as the Caspian Sea.
Superiority of the vessel in comparison with the most popular analogues:
- Suitable for transportation of general, bulk and dangerous goods.
- The vessel has a shallower depth and, accordingly, a smaller draft compared to similar most popular vessels, which allows transporting approximately the same amount of cargo with a lower draft in shallow water.
- The speed of the ships is optimized taking into account the power of their engines. Has a high Energy Efficiency Index (EEDI).
- High efficiency is provided by the large diameter propeller and special hull effects, as well as significantly reduced fuel consumption.
The main parameters of the Vessel provided for by the Project:

Length overall, m 112.30
Length between perpendiculars, m 110.85
Width, m 16.80
Board height, m ​​6.30
Design draft in the river, m 3.20
Maximum draft (sea), m 4.70
Deadweight in the river (draft 3.2 m), t 3344
Deadweight at sea (draft 4.7 m), t 6250
Cargo hold capacity (98%), m3 7.943 m3
Ballast tanks capacity, m3 3600 m3
Maximum power of the main engine, kW 2 x 749
Travel speed with a load at a draft of 4.60 m at 100% MDM, knots (not less) 10.5
Navigation area R2